about us

the first spark

In the autumn of 2021, Laura Bermudez Perez, a lifelong creator at heart, embarked on an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey that would illuminate her path and inspire many. With unwavering dedication and a dash of trial and error, she proudly unveiled her remarkable handcrafted, hand-poured creations to the world.

Born into a family where the art of salesmanship flowed through her veins, Laura inherited her father's remarkable gift for selling. Years of honing her skills in sales eventually led her to a pivotal decision—to create something uniquely her own, a product that radiated her distinctive light and passion.

Bermuse, a harmonious fusion of "Bermudez" and "Muse," carries a profound message of inspiration and creativity. It symbolizes Laura's deeply rooted mission—to ignite the muse within each individual, to illuminate the creative spirit that resides in all of us.

Bermuse is far more than a collection of candles; it stands as a radiant embodiment of creativity and unwavering passion. Each handcrafted creation reflects Laura's indomitable spirit, inviting you to kindle your own muse. With every candle, Bermuse imparts a touch of inspiration, illuminating your world one flicker at a time, and reminding us all that creativity knows no bounds.